Vacway was born as an idea in 2016 as a result of the love for the sea and spearfishing of Joaquín Abellán, CEO of the company. He felt the need to be able to use his smartphone as in water environments and one day at the delicatessen store, he asked the seller if he could vacuum seal his smartphone in the machines where they vacuum sealed the JAM! After weird looks and mistrusting the young man, the seller actually did it! He clearly saw it could be an economical and reliable solution to a global need. After that, he contacted Javier Montón y Alex Pelegrí to found the company VACWAY WATERPROOF.

Vacway has developed the safest waterproofing system on the market for smartphones that consists on applying a vacuum system sealing through vending machines. The Vacway system allows the smartphone to be used without any limitation and even to be submerged more than 60 meters deep without any risk. The special pack/case is completely crystalline and is specially designed to be able to take photographs in aquatic environments without any problem.

Vacway has different waterproofing machines for different types of business. It is currently present in luxury hotels, paddle surf spaces, kayak rental businesses, boat rentals, spas and in more than 80% of Spanish Water Parks. The company is expanding rapidly internationally and has now started operations in France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2020 the founders of Vacway where listed in the exclusive magazine FORBES Spain on the TOP-100 most creative Spanish minds in the business world. In addition, as an influential leader in the industry, Vacway is part of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) as well as the Spanish Association of Automatic Distributors (ANEDA Vending).