VACWAYmini is designed not to need any ongoing maintenance.

Only, if the machine is off for long periods of time, it is necessary to turn it on every 15/30 days.
Yes, remember that VACWAYmini has components that are always in operation while it is connected, so to extend its useful life it is necessary to turn off the machine every night.
Yes, at most every 500 cycles it is necessary to connect to the machine to have it updated to the latest software version, empty the sales memory and report any notice from the machine to the App.

Otherwise, the machine will be blocked and the bluetooth button will remain red until the next connection.
No, the machine must not be moved in any case once it is turned on. In the event that its movement is necessary, it must always be done with the machine turned off.
Yes, to ensure proper operation, the machine must never be tipped over.
Yes, it takes a few minutes since when starting the circuit has to be emptied of liquid.
VACWAY WATERPROOF is in no way responsible for:

- Misuse of the product, product with a blow or hole in the cover

- Misuse of the machine, not correct sealing by the machine operator. VACWAY WATEPROOF will be responsible for damages in case of: - Manufacturing fault
The vinyl must be placed in a visible place in the premises, to inform that the responsibility for the misuse of the cover falls on the customer.
To start with and not have doubts about the positioning of the sleeve and achieve a correct seal, you can use the additional white piece included with the machine. Follow the steps below to position it correctly:

1. Remove the protective paper from the double-sided tape.

2. Place the T-shaped area touching the sealing housing (See image 1) 3. Match the circumference of the white piece to the illuminated Perspex VACWAY logo. (Always keeping the front stop). (See image 1)

4. Paste and press.

5. When carrying out a cycle, the cover must be placed on top of this piece, butting against the back of it. (See image 2)

1. Open and air the cover with your fingers if it is stuck by heat

2. Insert the mobile in the case. The device must always be below the line turquoise.

3. Position the turquoise line on the sleeve vertically with the blue illuminated line.

4. Lower the lid of the sealing module and press gently and progressively until the air in the jacket is seen to begin to escape and the second LED on the status bar lights up.

5. Wait approximately 20 seconds.

6. Remove the waterproofed Smartphone and check that the sealed.

7. Immerse the smartphone in VACWAYtank for a few seconds in case the customer wants a proof of faith.

8. Dry the smartphone and hand it over to the customer.