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The importance of vending systems in amusement and waterparks

Amusement and waterparks are designed to offer exciting and memorable experiences, and part of those experiences includes meeting all the needs of the visitors during their stay inside the park. 

Inside this environment, vending systems play an important role by providing accessible options in terms of hydration, food, as well as the acquisition of other services, items and souvenirs inside the park. Here are some of the benefits of vending systems: 

  • Convenience and accessibility

Vending systems provide convenience and accessibility to visitors. By having strategically placed vending machines throughout the park, visitors have the opportunity to quickly and easily purchase items such as food and beverages. This allows them to enjoy their experience without having to travel long distances or wait in long lines at restaurants. 

  • Variedad de productos y opciones 

Another key benefit of vending systems is the variety of products and options they offer. This ensures that visitors have different alternatives to meet their needs and preferences. 

  • Increase in revenue 

The implementation of vending systems in parks can generate a significant increase in revenue. These machines operate continuously, allowing for additional sales even outside of the operating hours of establishments. Additionally, by offering a variety of products, the target audience is expanded and sales opportunities are maximized.

  • Staff reduction 

Sales systems also help reduce staff. By providing a self-service option, the need for many employees at the point of sale is reduced. This not only reduces operating costs, but also streamlines the checkout process for visitors. 

To ensure the effective implementation of vending systems in water and amusement parks, it is important to consider certain key aspects: 

  1. Strategic placement: Is crucial for their success. They should be positioned in high-traffic areas, such as near the most popular attractions, resting areas and gathering points. This ensures that visitors have easy access to the products and increases the chances of making sales. 
  2. Regular maintenance and product restocking: The machines need to be constantly monitored to detect any potential issues and ensure their proper functioning. Additionally, there should be a constant restocking of products to prevent the machines from running empty.
  3. Integration with the park experience: Vending systems should be seamlessly integrated into the overall park experience. This means that the design of the machines and their placement should be in harmony with the park's theme and atmosphere. Furthermore, interactive or promotional elements can be implemented to create a unique and engaging experience for visitors. 

Even though vending systems are mostly self-service, it is essential to provide customer support and quality after-sales service. This includes ensuring that the machines are in good working condition, responding to any customer issues or complaints promptly and efficiently and providing communication channels to receive feedback and suggestions. 

The future of vending systems in water and amusement parks is promising. With the advancement of technology, we can expect improvements in product customization, integration with mobile applications, and the implementation of innovative payment options. These innovations will contribute to an even more convenient and satisfying experience for visitors. 


Are vending systems profitable? Yes, vending systems in water and amusement parks can be profitable. By offering convenient products to visitors, additional revenue is generated, and sales opportunities are maximized.

What happens if a vending machine runs out of products? Regular maintenance and constant restocking of products are essential to prevent a vending machine from running out of products. Protocols should be established to monitor and replenish the machines in a timely manner. 

How is the safety of the products offered through vending systems ensured? Complying with health regulations, training staff and working with reliable suppliers are some of the measures that should be taken to ensure the safety of the products offered through vending systems. 


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