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Why is it important for your visitors to protect the access code? 

As the person in charge of the operation and security of the venue, managers of theme, waterparks or entertainment businesses know that visitor satisfaction and safety are crucial aspects in providing an unforgettable experience.

In this regard, it’s crucial that visitors understand the importance of protecting the access code to the smart lockers provided in your facilities. 

But what is a PIN code and why is it so relevant?

A PIN code or access code is a unique numerical combination used to unlock a smartlocker. It is assigned randomly to visitors or, in some cases, they can choose their own code. This access code is personal and confidential, and only through it can the user gain access to the contents of the locker.  

Although smartlockers have fortunately become a solution to provide a secure place for visitors to store their belongings while enjoying the attractions, the importance of keeping the PIN code or access code of these smart lockers private should not be underestimated.  

First, keeping this code private prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing valuable items such as mobile phones, wallets or jewelry of the visitors. This instills confidence in them and allows them to fully enjoy the activities the venue has to offer. 

Secondly, promoting the protection of the access code helps prevent theft and loss within the premises. It’s important to remember that not everyone has good intentions. By keeping the code private, the chances of someone accessing the smartlocker without consent and taking the belongings stored there are significantly reduced. Just imagine the negative impact it would have on the park or business's reputation if visitors experienced unpleasant situations such as the disappearance of their belongings. By educating visitors about the importance of keeping their code secret, an invaluable tool is provided to them to avoid such incidents. 


Another relevant aspect is ensuring privacy. By keeping the PIN code protected, visitors have the assurance that their belongings stored in the smartlockers will not be examined by unauthorized individuals. This gives them peace of mind, knowing that their privacy is protected, which is especially important when it comes to personal items. 

It’s essential for visitors to understand the responsibility they have in protecting their access code. Managers can assist them by providing clear and concise information about the importance of keeping the PIN code secret, whether through signage in the smartlockers areas or by training staff to offer effective recommendations. 

Two basic tips for keeping the access code secure:

  • Don’t share the code with strangers: It’s important not to reveal the access code to people we don’t know or who are not trustworthy. We do not know their intentions, so it is better to be cautious. 
  • Don’t store the code on electronic devices: Let's avoid storing the access code on our phones or other electronic devices. In case we lose or get our device stolen, we would also be revealing our access code. 

The responsibility for keeping the PIN code or access code private is shared between managers and visitors. In addition to providing clear and concise information on this matter, operators must ensure that the smart lockers are in good working condition to prevent access breaches.  

By emphasizing the importance of protecting the access code to the smart lockers, visitor satisfaction is significantly increased. This way, parks or businesses will stand out as places where visitor safety and well-being are a priority. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)FAQs)

Can we trust the security of smartlockers? 

Smartlockers are designed to provide security, but it is important to keep the PIN or access code private to ensure greater protection. 

  • What should I do if I forget the access code to the smartlocker? 

If you forget the access code, please contact the staff in charge for assistance and to resolve the situation. 

  • Is it safe to leave valuable belongings in a smartlocker? 

Smartlockers offer a level of security, but it is always recommended not to leave extremely valuable items in them.  

  • What additional security measures are taken to protect visitors' belongings? 

In addition to smartlockers, theme, waterparks and businesses often have security personnel and surveillance systems in place to ensure the safety of visitors and their belongings.








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