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Fun at sea: The most amazing waterparks on cruise ships 

Parques acuáticos cruceros

Cruises are a business model that never ceases to surprise inside the Amusement industry. Besides offering the opportunity to visit different destinations and enjoy the comfort and luxury on board, cruise ships also have a wide variety of activities and attractions to enchant their passengers. 

In this TOP 5, the most amazing waterparks that complement the entertainment offer on cruise ships are presented, offering passengers unparalleled moments of fun. These aquatic destinations show how cruises have become an exciting option to enjoy aquatic experiences.  

So, let's not wait any longer and let's embark on this tour of the most amazing waterparks on board cruise ships:

Disney’s Waterpark

With its star attraction AquaDuck and a wide range of water games, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, vessels of Disney Cruise Line, stand out for having one of the most remarkable water parks on a cruise ship. AquaDuck is a water roller coaster that rises to three stories high and reaches six meters. Passengers can experience an exciting adventure as they slide at high speed along the course. 

AquaDuck offers a unique combination of thrills and fun by combining the elements of a roller coaster with the excitement of a water slide. Passengers can enjoy thrilling twists, turns, and drops while being splashed by refreshing water jets. The adrenaline flows as they navigate its tight curves and soar up the slopes, creating an unforgettable experience for thrill-seeking water enthusiasts. 

In addition to AquaDuck, Disney Cruise Line offers a wide variety of water games to cater to the tastes of all passengers. From relaxing and refreshing pools to interactive play areas for the little ones, the water park provides options for every family member. Visitors can dive into wave pools, explore themed slides, and enjoy play areas with fountains and water jets, creating endless moments of fun.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is another cruise ship that features an impressive waterpark. This park offers a wide variety of slides, including one that is 95 meters long and another that is 100 meters long. 

These slides, with their thrilling twists and turns, are perfect for those seeking an experience filled with excitement and speed. Passengers can slide at high speeds down these impressive water structures, feeling the breeze on their faces as they enjoy the exhilarating descent. 

But the waterpark on Carnival Cruise Line is not limited to just slides. In addition to these star attractions, you can find over 40 additional attractions that are designed for people of all ages.


Royal Caribbean’s H20 Zone and Splashway Bay

Royal Caribbean's H20 Zone and Splashway Bay are two standout waterparks that cannot be overlooked on cruises. They have been carefully designed with the enjoyment of younger passengers in mind offering an unparalleled water experience on board. 

Splashway Bay, one of the main areas of the park, is packed with gravity-defying slides that allow the most daring to launch themselves at high speeds through twists and turns. Additionally, the pools provide a refreshing space to swim and enjoy the water in the company of friends and family. 

But the fun at Royal Caribbean's H20 Zone and Splashway Bay goes beyond slides and pools. Geysers and water cannons create a playful and dynamic atmosphere. These special features ensure that adrenaline is always present during the stay on board. 


Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line offers an onboard water park with a selection of four slides that are perfect for enjoying aquatic adventures.

Among them, an exhilarating two-story slide with thrilling curves stands out, challenging adventurers to plunge down in an adrenaline-filled descent. 

On Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway, passengers are fortunate to enjoy an even more complete experience as they find a total of five slides to enjoy.

These water attractions offer different levels of intensity and challenge. In addition to the slides, Norwegian Cruise Line also features a specially designed splash area for the little ones.

Childrens can enjoy a safe and fun space where they can splash and play with water to their heart's content.  

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises joins the list of cruise lines that offer an onboard waterpark. Among its thrilling attractions are high-speed slides that challenge adventurers to plunge down dizzying descents and wave pools that provide the sensation of being at the beach. 

This waterpark on MSC Cruises has been designed with the fun and enjoyment of the whole family in mind. Both children and adults can immerse themselves in a watery world, with endless options for splashing, splattering and enjoying the refreshing water. 

Throughout the entire journey, MSC Cruises passengers can enjoy moments of refreshing fun, whether sliding down high-speed slides, relaxing in the pools, or participating in various water activities. Each moment at the MSC Cruises waterpark promises to be a memorable experience. 








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