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Smartlockers: The queue-free and autonomous solution for your visitors

When it comes to visiting a water or theme park, one of the main needs that visitors have is to be able to safely store their belongings, so they can enjoy their day in the park with confidence and peace of mind.  

Up until now, the solution for these entertainment centers has been to provide traditional lockers located in crowded areas to achieve greater visibility and stimulate the purchase of the service. However, for visitors, this implies long waiting times due to endless lines and the slow payment management system by the staff, precisely because of the overcrowding of people who want to acquire a locker.  

But now smartlockers are coming to the Amusement industry as the innovative alternative, offering an autonomous, easy and fast service to those looking to securely store their belongings without having to spend time waiting in long queues. These smartlockers offer an unprecedented technological storage experience, which is very convenient for visitors who want to make the most of their time in the park. 

Visitors no longer have to carry their valuables with them while they have fun on the attractions. With smartlockers, they have the option to store their valuables, such as wallets, smartphones, clothes, or car keys, etc., and have the freedom to enjoy everything the park has to offer without worrying about anything.

In addition, smartlockers can also offer a completely autonomous purchase experience. Visitors could purchase the service digitally through a QR code and access their lockers whenever they want during the day, without having to queue or interact with a park employee. This gives them the possibility of having greater control over their time and enjoying the park more efficiently. 

Therefore, with no queues at the locker rental points and a quick service, visitors can dedicate more time to purchasing other services or products inside the park. In this way, the time that was previously spent queuing to rent a locker can now be invested in other activities, such as buying food, drinks, or souvenirs at the gift shop.

But ¿How do smartlockers work?

Smartlockers are easy to use and autonomous, which means that users will be too. They operate through a unique PIN code system that is assigned to the visitor when they purchase the service. Then, the user is assigned a locker randomly, depending on the type of locker they have chosen. 

The customer simply has to enter their unique PIN code on the touch keypad of the locker and it will open. Finally, they can access the locker by using the PIN code that will allow them to safely open it at any time. Once the belongings are placed inside the smartlocker, the visitor only needs to close the locker door and enjoy their visit to the park. 

  • Enhanced security Smartlockers are very secure. With a unique PIN code system for each visitor, there is no possibility of anyone else accessing the visitor's belongings. 
  • Easy to use Smartlockers are easy to use. All the visitors must do is to enter their unique PIN code and store their belongings inside the locker.  

With the implementation of the smartlockers, visitors to theme and waterparks will experience great improvements in the quality of their visit, while also improving efficiency and safety inside the park. 


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