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TOP 5: The best waterparks in Italy 

The TOP 5 of the best waterparks in Italy is led by Aquafan Riccione, Zoomarine, Etnaland, Caribe Bay and Odissea 2000. Here we present their advantages and the characteristics that place them in the top positions of this ranking, in one of the world's most touristy destinations. 

Aquafan Riccione 

Aquafan Riccione is in the city of Riccione, Italy. It was established in 1987 and is one of the largest water parks in Europe. Since 2013, it has been part of the Costa Edutainment group. 

parques acuáticos Italia

  • The park covers an area of 100,000 square meters 
  • It features more than 20 areas of games and attractions  
  • It has more than 3 kilometers of water slides 
  • Its most popular attraction is the Kamikaze slide, which has a height of 90 meters and an almost vertical slope that reaches speeds of up to 70 km/h 
  • More than 200 people oversee operating the park

According to their website, the Costa Edutainment group has been recognized for its quality service with the Best in Italy - Champions of the 2023 service award, and Aquafan won first place in the Water Parks category at this award.  


This marine-themed amusement and waterpark is located on the coast of Lazio, a few kilometers from Rome. It covers 4 hectares and has more than 40 attractions, including water attractions, shows with marine animals, children's play areas and adventure rides. 

  • It has more than 400 species of animals, including dolphins, seals and sea lions, tropical and aquatic birds, lemurs, giant turtles, and dogs. 
  • One of its most popular attractions is the Dolphin Academy, where visitors can interact with dolphins and watch shows with them. 
  • It was the first Italian park to receive the recognition of a zoo in 2009, combining entertainment with educational offerings.   

Zoomarine also stands out for its commitment to marine life conservation and environmental education. It has a program for rescuing and rehabilitating marine animals and offers educational programs for children and adults on the importance of protecting the marine environment. 

Etnaland Acquapark 

This park, inaugurated in 2001, is located on the east coast of Sicily, in southern Italy, at the foot of Mount Etna and a few steps from Catania.  

One of the largest wave pools in Europe and a Miniland area equipped for children are located within the Acquapark. 

  • It covers an area of 280,000 square meters  
  • It is divided into three themed areas: water park, amusement park, and prehistoric park 
  • The waterpark has more than 25 attractions, including water slides, pools, and fast-flowing rivers 

In 2020, Etnaland was awarded the Travellers Choice Best of the Best award from TripAdvisor for the eighth consecutive year. 

Caribe Bay 

This water park is in Jesolo, a coastal city in northeastern Italy, just 46 kilometers from Venice. Its theming evokes a Caribbean Island, with lots of white sand, palm trees, and beach bars.  

Parques acuáticos Italia

  • It has an area of 80,000 square meters 
  • It is divided into 7 themed areas 
  • It has more than 25 water attractions 
  • It has an artificial beach of 10,000 square meters with white sand and palm trees 

Among the numerous attractions is the Capitán Spacemaker slide, the highest in Europe, with its 42 meters and a slope of 60 degrees, from which you can jump aboard large inflatables, reaching speeds of 100 kilometers per hour. 

Odissea 2000  

Odissea 2000 is located in Rossano, in the region of Calabria, southern Italy. 

  • It has an area of 120,000 square meters 
  • There are more than 20 water attractions available 
  • It also has an artificial beach of 8,000 square meters 

In addition to the water attractions, there are play areas for children and a relaxation area for adults. There is also a spa area and a play area for young children. 










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