We continue to fight against COVID-19. In various hospitals, health personnel use zip-type bags or transparent film with adhesive tape to protect their phones from possible pathogens. The Vacway system isolates the devices and reduces the risk of contagion.

The newspaper 20 minutes echoes our contribution to the fight against Coronavirus in an article that it publishes on its website.


A company sends material to hospitals to protect their phones from the coronavirus and to prevent it from spreading

The start-up company Vacway Waterproof will temporarily cede its machinery to hospitals throughout Spain for free along with an initial donation of covers to waterproof the mobile phones and tablets used in the hospital environment and thus prevent these devices from being contaminated with coronaviruses.

Así, va a llevar a varios hospitales máquinas que protegen los móviles con una funda de plástico transparente que se puede desechar después, evitando contagios por transferencia. 
Thus, he will take to several hospitals machines that protect the mobiles with a transparent plastic cover that can be discarded later, avoiding transfer infections.

“Thanks to its waterproofing system, it will be possible to protect all the electronic devices that are used during a hospital work day,” he says of his machines, usually used to waterproof mobile phones for use in water and in salty environments.

It has been detected that “in various hospitals, health personnel use zip or transparent film bags with adhesive plaster to protect mobile phones from possible pathogens, with the low effectiveness and little practicality that this entails. Hence their interest in helping those who most they expose themselves and do more to stop this pandemic, “explains the company.

In total, around 50 VACWAYmini will be delivered, the desktop version for professional use, along with each machine they include an initial donation of 250 cases for all types of smartphones and tablets.